Saturday 9: Brand New Me

Saturday 9: Brand New Me

1) It’s a new year! Do you have any resolutions for 2013?
We’re a couple of weeks into the new year now, and so far I’ve been doing okay with my resolutions, which include relaxing/spending more time for myself, and following along with the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge.

2) Dusty Springfield sang of feeling “brand new.” What leaves you feeling refreshed and/or rejuvenated?
Shower, sometimes a long nap.

3) Dusty’s given name was Mary Catherine. If you could give yourself a brand new first name, what would it be?
I don’t know what name I would pick, but I would most definitely go for something a lot less common than “Jennifer”.

4) Actor Billy Bob Thornton has dismissed antiques, saying, “I’m creeped out by old stuff.” Do you ever shop at estate sales, yard sales or second-hand stores? Or do you want everything brand new?
I’ve gone to secondhand stores, and have stopped at a few yard sales when I’ve seen them. I’m fine with secondhand stuff, so long as it’s clean and usable.

5) Are you sad to see the holiday decorations slowly disappear until next year? Or do you think they should come down on January 2?
This year we left our decorations up until the second week of January, which is about ten days longer than we usually leave them up. To be honest, while I’m always sad about the sudden “crash” after Christmas, I was fine with saying goodbye to the decorations until next December.

6) Do you like the picture on your photo ID?
Aside from being 65 lbs heavier in it than I am now, I really like the photo.

7) Crazy Sam shudders at the very thought of a snake. Which is your least favorite member of the Animal Kingdom?
Insects. Blech.

8) What’s the most recent magazine you flipped through?

9) Do you have nice handwriting?
I think so. It’s girly, at least.


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